About Us

Ayurveda & its power are not new to us. It has been existing from 1000s of years. Velltree is built with a mission of providing affordable authentic ayurveda & build people’s trust into the products & remedies for their needs. We have built online store to deliver ayurvedic products & remedies all over India. We identified that people are currently not able to trust one single brand for all their ayurvedic needs & consume products from various companies leading to lack of trust in products. Changing products and using products from multiple brands creates instability in your body & starts to show impact on your skin, hair & overall body. 

Velltree brings well tested & quality assured products that guarantee results. Not only the products cure your problems but are also cost effective.

Discounts on Velltree

Velltree is giving discounts of products which are not available anywhere and are exclusively available to people who purchase from Velltree. Not only it is one time purchase, we also promote customer reviews & incentize them to bring authentic reviews on products which people have actually bought.

Stamps on product description

We also display various stamps on our products:

no chemicals added- natural ayurveda- velltree Products that have no chemicals & are 100% natural show this stamp in their description.

This guarantees that you are purchasing products which has no extra chemicals added & are not dangerous to consume.


Confidential delivery - VelltreeProducts for which we give confidential delivery i.e we don’t disclose the information about the product during delivery to ensure it is delivered confidentially to people who have ordered. Suitable for people who are conscious to order infertility products from our website.

In case of any queries, feel free to contact us using the whatsapp widget.