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Product Description

200ml, syrup, bottle.

Suitable for adults & children.

Digestion troubles and metabolism problems can bring down your immunity and your overall health. The type of food we eat sometimes is not fully metabolized by the human body and can cause digestive issues. Consuming antibiotics or allopathy is not sustainable if you have digestion problems frequently. We bring ayurvedic Enzyme syrup to cure your digestive problems & keep you healthy.

It contains: Chitrakmool, Giloy, Nishodh, Nagamotha, Harad, Amla, Jeera, Ajwain, Sounth, Sounf, Laung.


  1. Recovers loss of appetite.
  2. Cures hepatoxicity
  3. Cures liver dysfunction.
  4. Useful in jaundice, fatty liver, alcoholic liver, anaemia.
  5. Helps in enhancing digestion power
  6. Helps in getting rid of gastritis.
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Enzyme syrup